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On this website you will very soon find a lot of interesting information about Spain including our interactive Spain Map, information about learning Spanish, articles about Spain, accommodation in Spain , Spanish Schools in Spain and much more. Below you can find some examples of articles we have decided to publish while we are working on getting the website up and running.


BULLFIGHTING - BARBARIC OR ART - Spain has become famously known for its Bullfighting traditions, which spawns debate in many parts of the world and in Spain itself. Fans of bullfighting argue that it is a culturally important tradition, while animal rights activists contrastingly argue that it is a blood sport due to suffering of bulls and horses during a bullfight. Thus whether you criticize it as an unfair blood-sport or look at it as an authentic Spanish art, there is a lot more to bullfighting than one man slaughtering a bull.   Bullfighting Read More »

THE NATIVE CANARIES - There has always been mist surrounding the Canary Islands, those land masses that lounge in the Atlantic Ocean and were once a place few sailors dared to venture to. The minority that did reach them were Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans who returned home telling mystical stories. Even centuries before the Spanish conquest, Plato theorized that the islands were the uppermost peaks of the lost continent of Atlantis. Canaries Read More »

Turismo Rural en Andalucía- Andalucía es una de las provincias mas bonitas de España que ofrece una amplia gama de atracciones para los amantes de la naturaleza. En las 8 provincias de Andalucía puedes encontrar desde los desiertos en las zona rural de Almería hasta los picos mas altos de la península en Sierra Nevada. La oferta en el turismo rural Andalucia es muy amplia y además ofrece una gran oferta de alojamiento rurales y muchas actividades rurales en todas las provincias. Para una escapada puedes encontrar casas rurales en Andalucia via esta pagina web donde también puedes encontrar guías rurales de todas las provincias de Andalucía.